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Project S90 under counter Pot Wash c/w Drain Pump

2,995.00 Ex Vat

Project S90 front loading under counter pot wash with drain pump



Pot Wash Project S90 C/W Drain Pump

The smallest undercounter pot washer on the market allows to fit trays, pots and pans on its 50 x 60 cm stainless steel grid with a door height of 40,5 cm.

Maximum versatility
With a 50 x 60 cm basket there’s the possibility to wash up to 22 dishes per cycle and every function are adjustable through the display control panel.

With the standard soft-start mode it’s possible to wash even the most delicate glasses without any risk of break-up.

Guaranteed rinse
Full optional, double skin machine with rinse-aid and detergent pump, open boiler, booster pump and break tank in order to guarantee the rinsing phase even with low water pressure.

Self cleaning cycle included.

Ultimate performance
A patented wash distribution assembly equalises wash pressure across the full length of the wash arm delivering full pressure and a superb result from every wash jet.

Cleanliness and hygiene
A fully pressed deep drawn 30 lt tank eliminates dirt traps and makes clean down easy.

– 120”, 240”, 360”, continuous mode.
– 10 mm double skin machine
– Booster pump
– Peristaltic dosing pumps
– Adjustable feet
– Primary pump filter and secondary tank filter
– Thermal interlock

Additional information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 600 × 700 × 850 mm