FriFri 22Kw Fryer Freestanding Electric

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22Kw Fryer FriFri SL412H31G0


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22Kw Fryer FriFri Freestanding Electric


Super Easy 412 Electric Free-standing Single Tank Fryer with Filtration

2 Baskets

W400mm x D650mm X H986mm

22kW Fryer

Outstanding quality with no compromise in quality or performance. Mechanical thermostat maintains oil to within +/-8°C of the temperature selected.
Low watts density element with a large surface area in contact with the oil for fast recovery time and to prevent scorching which degrades oil.

Keeping your oil in peak condition! Integral gravity filtration extends oil life saving you money on oil purchase and disposal costs.

Optional xFri© filters the oil at the push of a button and returns oil to the tank. Filter the oil safely, even while it’s still hot, mid service if necessary, and resume frying in minutes
Pressed tank for strength and durability.

Radiused corners for easy cleaning. Hinged elements with two tilt positions for draining and cleaning.

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Weight 69 kg
Dimensions 400 × 650 × 986 cm

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