OEM Practico Pizza Oven Single

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OEM START Pizza Oven


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Deck Size: 630mm x 430mm (24.8″ x 16.9″)


Ideal for:

bars serving lunches, snacks and appetizers

small outlets with a varied menu


How can Pratico help you?

Extremely compact

Compact and easy to position on front or rear counter, it is designed for bars and small outlets serving lunches, snacks and appetizers.


Good quality

Perfect for reheating, but also good for fresh baking.


High performance

You can bake a sheet of pizza (60 Ă— 40 cm) or 2 pizzas of diameter 30 cm.



1, 2 or 3 deck versions available.


Control over power and consumption

The control panel lets you modulate power and keep an eye on consumption.


Minimalist but highly-efficient design:

  • Pratico is a static electric oven offering excellent professional performance. You can either bake on the refractory surface or use a sheet. Designed to bake pizzas or reheat slices of pizza and other dishes.


Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 662 × 513 × 366 cm


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