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APW GCRB18 18″ Chargrill


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APW GCRB18 18″ Chargrill


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Designed Smart

Increased Performance in Cooking

  • One of the highest BTU ratings in its cooking class.
  • Reduces amount of labor time to cook a 1/4 pound hamburger by 20%.
  • Fast start-up and recovery to prime cooking temperatures.
  • Versatile grate system can be adjusted in height to give maximum control.
  • Special high temperature stainless steel provides even heat across the cooking area.
  • Openings in the front allow the pilot light to be easily lit and adjusted without removing the front panel.
  • Smooth action infinitely adjustable gas valves turn 180 degrees, giving the operator ultimate control.

Safety Features

  • Bull-nose front extension protects employees from burns.

Saves Time and Clean-up Labour Cost

  • Maintenance is easier with bottom-mounted grease collection pan and removable top grates.
  • Self-cleaning CharRocks.
  • Field convertible and adjustable gas regulator

Built Solid, Built to Last

  • Double walled firebox protects control panel from higher temperatures
  • Thick, stainless steel construction on front panel and top skirt protects against kitchen ‘wear and tear’ and rust.
  • Welded construction in frame.
  • Thick, cast iron “steak char” grates stand up to years of high output char grilling
  • Certified by the following agencies:

Additional information

Weight 58 kg
Dimensions 635 × 460 × 395 mm

Nat Gas, LPG